Mess Around On Facebook And Twitter To Make Money Online

Mess Around On Facebook And Twitter To Make Money Online

Today, it is very unlikely to meet someone who doesn’t know how to use Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and other social media sites. Basically, these websites are used for instant communication which is absolutely free as long as you have a computer with internet connection. For instance, if you want to send a message to your friends but don’t want your phone bills to increase, you can simply send them a tweet and they will instantly receive your messages thrfacebookugh their mobile phones.

Did you know that you can also earn money from your social media skills? There are hundreds or even thousands of money-making opportunities in the web. You just have to know how to put value on your skills. Know what exactly you can offer to clients and set a reasonable price. Sometimes, you will have to work for free. You will work for free but take this opportunity to show your expertise.

Set your price. Most social media specialists find this difficult to do at the beginning specially if they don’t have a portfolio yet. As mentioned earlier, when you work for free use it to solicit paid jobs. If you have a Facebook fan page and you have more than 20,000 fans or followers you can take advantage of it to make money online. Companies are looking for Facebook fan pages where they can post links about their new products and services. At first, you may allow them to post updates in your wall free of charge. Later on, when they’ve already seen the results, you can start charging them hundreds of dollars.

You can also earn by revealing your secrets to clients. You can give them a short e-book or e-course that will teach them how to get thousands of new Twitter followers. You can also use your knowledge in WordPress to generate extra income. Find employers in freelance job boards who are looking for contractors who can install WordPress blogs and websites. You must be knowledgeable in CPanel and Fantastico in order to be accepted in this type of job. Knowledge in basic web design is also a plus factor.

Everything said, there are many opportunities to earn money from your social media skills. You just have to explore the internet and look for those opportunities. Start by having a registered account in popular freelancing websites.

Show Me The Money On Twitter!

Show Me The Money On Twitter!

So can you really make money from Twitter? Can anyone show me the money? Here are the two words that give you the answer: PAID TWEETS. Did you know that there are people out there making a full time income online through paid tweets on twitter? Yup. There are some celebrities that make as much as $9,000 just for posting one tweet!

Today I am sharing with you an article written by Stacy Kinney. Here she is discussing about the proven strategies that can get you started and can make you good money from Twitter. Stacy Kinney is an online business consultant who provides information on how to brand yourself for success using blogging and social media. Read on and leave a comment to let me know what you think about this.

Is it possible to make money on Twitter? This is a question that is frequently asked throughout the internet. The short answer is, yes, it is absolutely possible to earn income using Twitter. You don’t have look very hard to find stories of entrepreneurs pulling in thousands of dollars from their Twitter account. In fact, Dell managed to generate over a million dollars in revenue since it opened its account on the social network.

But the real question isn’t can you make money on Twitter but how do you do it. There are several ways to go about building a steady stream of income from your Twitter profile.

Build Your Following First

Before we get into the different ways you can earn cash using Twitter, it is important to note that none of the ideas will work unless you have a following. This is true with any type of business you want to start. You must have people to sell to in order to make any sales. It may seem like common sense but you might be surprised at the number of people who start Twitter accounts, begin posting links to their programs and then wonder why they aren’t making any money. Without a following you are pretty much selling to the moon.

Twitter Money Making Ideas

1. Product Sales – One way to make money on Twitter is to drive traffic to a product or service you are selling. This is how big brands, like Dell, are using Twitter. They reach out to their customers and post specials, coupons and other inducements to get them to buy. Post links to your sales pages at regular intervals to bring them to the attention of your following.

2. Affiliate Links – Another way to earn cash using Twitter is to sell other people’s stuff. Posting affiliate links that earn you a commission on each sale is a great way to generate income without having the responsibility of fulfilling the order.

3. Ad Programs – There are several ad programs that will pay you for the privilege of having access to your Twitter account so they can insert advertisements between your tweets. You can approve or decline ad offers as well as limit of how many times they post. If you are looking for easy money then this is probably the easiest way to make money using Twitter.

4. Sponsored Tweets – Similar to the sponsored blog posts of a few years ago, sponsored tweets are posts that you write which sends traffic to an advertiser’s sales page. However, instead of making a commission like with affiliate programs, you are paid on a per post basis. How much money you make with this type of program is very much dependent on how popular your Twitter profile is. The more people you have following you the more money you make.

5. Twitter Classifieds – This is a different version of the sponsored tweets revenue idea. If you set up a Twitter account to post available jobs in a certain city, you can charge companies an advertising fee to post about a job openings they have in their company just like regular classified ads.

There are many other ways to make money with Twitter. Just use your imagination to think up creative ways to increase your bank account. Good luck.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to on how to use Twitter to produce sale and make you money. It’s simple and easy.. Click here to get started. 



Tweet..tweet..there is money!

Tweet..tweet..there is money!

Everybody wants to know how to make money online. There are many different ways to make money online and one of them is to get paid for your Tweets on Twitter.

If you don’t know what a Tweet is or what Twitter is here’s a quick explanation. Twitter is a social network where people write a short message about anything they feel like talking about. The message is called a Tweet. You have a list of followers that can view your Tweet every time you post one. Also for everybody you follow you view there Tweets.

So your probably wondering how to make money online with Twitter. Well there are companies out there that will pay you for Tweeting for them. Some will pay you per click on the Tweets and some will pay you a certain price for your Tweet.

Here’s a example of getting paid per click. Let’s say you have a Twitter account with 1000 followers. You sign up to advertise a companies product and they will pay you for every click on that Tweet. Usually you get around.05 to.10 cents per click. Now that doesn’t seem like a lot but it only takes a few seconds to post your Tweet and it costs you nothing. Now with 1000 followers they will all see your Tweet and so will there followers. So that ad can potentially be seen by thousands of people and if they click your Tweet you get paid.

Now another way is to set your own price you want to get paid for your Tweet. What you do is set up a account at a company that offers this. Once you do you set the price you want to get paid and wait for companies to contact you to use your Twitter account. An example would be you have a Twitter account with 1000 followers. This usually gets you about $1 for your Tweet. As soon as someone contacts you you Tweet their offer and once it’s public you get paid.

So you see their are different ways to use your Twitter account to make money online. The best thing about these ways are that they are free and only take seconds to do.

To start making money on twitter visit this site

ClickBank Secrets

ClickBank Secrets

Ever wondered how people around the world are making with ClickBank? Making money with ClickBank is easy if you know the tricks. Have a clear strategy in place and work out step-by-step. It is important that once you are in, you must take some action action everyday, otehrwise this will not work out. So what are those tricks? I am sharing with you an article by Craig Dean on the subject. Leave a comment on what you think.

How to Uncover the Secrets to ClickBank

By Craig Dean

The secrets to ClickBank are easy to reveal when you know how. Just imagine being able to uncover the best selling product in the ClickBank marketplace. Wouldn’t it be great? If you could identify which product was the best seller and yielded the highest return with the least amount of refunds then you would surely stand a very good chance of making money online.

For one thing, if you were selling the most popular product that ClickBank had to offer then by promoting this product, you would most definitely attract more clicks. As I’m sure you know, the more clicks you get the more sales you make right? Well, once you have a really popular product to promote, each click will have a far better chance of converting and as a result you will make more money.

So how do you go about unmasking the secrets to ClickBank? Well, it’s easier than you might think. Let’s first look at what extra information would be useful to us in making an informed decision in relation to the product we want to select from ClickBank. We already know that we want to find a really hot, popular product but what else?

Well, we will want to know if the selected product gets refunded frequently as this will impact on your profits. We may also want to establish what all the newly released products are as this would be good for finding unique keywords that would be easy to get ranked. Being able to compare the gravity and momentum of products against each other would also be a huge benefit. So these are the secrets to ClickBank and as I said before, uncovering this information is easy.

ClickBank has recently come up with a step-by-step formula to succeed online – this has become a rage and already hundreds of affiliates are well on their way to make a cozy 6-figure income.

Diabetes Myths Exposed Now Stay Healthy And Earn Money

Diabetes Myths Exposed Now Stay Healthy And Earn Money

It is possible to stay healthy with diabetes. The myths surrounding diabetes are too many and it is time to break-free from those non-existing myths. Read this information shared by Dr. Sherry Sakariah Chandy. Leave a comment on what you think.

Diabetes Myths

By Dr. Sherry Sakariah Chandy

Like all complicated matters there are certain misunderstandings regarding Diabetes.

Today I want to dispel some myths regarding diabetes.

Here is a list of the questions that I will be discussing:

Can I get diabetes from someone else?

Eating too much sugar causes diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is mild diabetes

People with diabetes eventually go blind

It’s not safe to drive if you have diabetes

People with diabetes can’t play sport

People with diabetes are more likely to get colds and other illnesses

People with diabetes can’t eat sweets or chocolate

People with diabetes shouldn’t eat bananas or grapes

People with diabetes should eat special diabetic foods

Now for some serious myth bashing…

Can I get diabetes from someone else?

Although we don’t know exactly why some people get diabetes, we know that diabetes is not contagious – You cannot get it from others. There is a chance that a person whose parents or brothers and sisters have diabetes might get diabetes, particularly Type 2 diabetes. But lifestyle factors also play a part.

Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.

Eating sugar does not cause diabetes. Diabetes is caused by a combination of inherited and lifestyle factors. However, eating a diet high in fat and sugar can cause you to become overweight. Being overweight increases your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, so if you have a history of diabetes in your family, a healthy diet and regular exercise are recommended to control your weight.

Type 2 diabetes is mild diabetes.

There is no such thing as mild or borderline diabetes. All diabetes is equally serious, and if not properly controlled can lead to serious complications.

People with diabetes eventually go blind.

Although diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in people of working age, research has proved you can reduce your chances of developing diabetes complications – such as damage to your eyes – if you:

o Control your blood pressure and glucose levels

o Keep active

o Maintain your ideal body weight

o Give up smoking

It’s not safe to drive if you have diabetes.

Providing you are responsible and have good control of your diabetes, research shows that people with diabetes are no less safe on the roads than anyone else. Nevertheless, the myth that people with diabetes are not safe persists

People with diabetes can’t play sports.

Pakistan’s famous all-rounder Wasim Akram has diabetes; many other people with diabetes take part in active sports. People with diabetes are encouraged to exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Keeping active can help avoid complications associated with diabetes, such as heart disease. There may be some considerations to take into account with your diabetes before taking up a new exercise regime – talk to your doctor for more information.

People with diabetes are more likely to get colds and other illnesses.

No. You are no more likely to get a cold or another illness if you’ve got diabetes. However, people with diabetes are advised to get flu vaccinations. This is because any infection interferes with your blood glucose control, putting you at risk of high blood glucose levels and, for those with Type 1 diabetes, an increased risk of ketoacidosis.

People with diabetes can’t eat sweets or chocolate.

Sweets and chocolate can be eaten by people with diabetes just like the rest of us, if eaten as part of a healthy diet. Remember that confectionery foods tend to be higher in fat and calories too so for this reason they should be limited especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

People with diabetes shouldn’t eat bananas or grapes.

All fruit and vegetables are extremely good for you. Eating more can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, some cancers and some gut problems. You should aim to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. This also helps to improve the overall balance of the diet. Eating a variety of different fruit and vegetables ensure you get the maximum benefit.

People with diabetes should eat special diabetic foods.

Diabetic versions of foods offer no special benefit. They still raise blood glucose levels, contain just as much fat and calories, are usually more expensive and can also have a laxative effect. The healthy diet for people with diabetes is the same as that recommended for everyone – low in fat, salt and sugar, with meals including starchy foods like bread and pasta and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Dr Sherry Chandy is a Medical Domain Specialist at Yos Technologies.

He is a medical doctor and ophthalmologist by profession with special interests in enabling better health care through the use of information technology.

For more such useful information and diabetes care tools which help you to Control Diabetes effectively, go to:

Mission Impossible on Clickbank

Mission Impossible on Clickbank

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