The Secret About Building Quality Backlinks

The Secret About Building Quality Backlinks

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For most webmasters, building backlinks is the bane of their online existence. It can be frustrating having to spend your time building links instead of creating content. After all, is that not what being a webmaster is about? Your job is to produce content for your websites right? Unfortunately this is not the case, and webmasters have to commit large portions of their time to link building. Without this, your site will never rank well in the search engines. And without high search engine rankings, you will miss out on valuable targeted traffic.

When I first started out in internet marketing, I scoured the forums, blogs, and websites of all the SEO professionals, attempting to figure out the exact method and steps to follow. It took me months to realise the truth: there is no one true method. It’s all guesswork and theories. No internet marketer truly knows how the search engine algorithms work. And most people who post on internet forums are simply echoing what they have heard or read in the latest eBook craze as opposed to having their own opinions. What I am talking about is what I have learnt from direct action.

So what does this mean for link building? It simply means that you should just go out and do it. Don’t worry about the fine details. Join relevant forums to your niche and tell people about your site in a constructive way. Comment on similar blogs, and exchange links with websites. There is no value in placing your links in places that have nothing to do with your niche. I have often seen pages rank at number 1 in Google with only a handful of quality backlinks, whilst sites with thousands of spammy links languish at the bottom of the page. 1 quality backlink is worth far more than a multitude of pointless ones. Don’t waste your time building worthless links, time is money.

So what links have more value? Directory submissions? Blog comments? Articles? Once again nobody knows the exact value a link has, there are many different factors to consider. You should build links everywhere that you see as constructive. The worst thing you can do is to endlessly read forums and blogs about how to build backlinks. In fact, why are you reading this article now? Just go out there and take action!


Build Backlinks To Grow Web Audience

Build Backlinks To Grow Web Audience

Backlinks or inbound links play a major role in search engine optimization. The number of backlinks a website has is an indicator of its popularity. Building quality backlinks will help in boosting quality traffic to your site and increase your chances of getting indexed by search engines. You can get relevant backlinks from social media sites, web directories, article directories, forums and other high raking websites.

How Does Backlinking Work?

Search engine spiders basically look to see who has linked to your website. However, not all links are created equal. It is important to get quality backlinks from reputable websites. Backlinks from authoritative sites are highly valuable. Search engines consider each backlink as a vote from another site. The website that a backlink comes from should be relevant to the site it’s pointing at.

How to Get Backlinks?

If you are trying to promote your online business, it is important that you know how to create backlinks to your website or blog. There are a number of legitimate ways to get relevant backlinks. The first step in building backlinks is to submit your website to web directories. Look for free and paid directories with high page rank.

Another way to get quality backlinks is to leave comments on other websites or blogs. Make a list of high PR websites in the same niche as yours. In the comment field, enter your name and website address. Make sure you provide useful information in your comment. You may also contact the owner of the blog and ask him to exchange links. Writing guest posts on other people’s websites ca help you build backlinks as well.

Using social networks is a great way to increase traffic and get backlinks to your website. Internet users spend more than five hours a day on popular networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Each user is a potential customer. Promoting your online business on social networking sites will help you gain popularity online and generate sales.

There are many other ways to get relevant backlinks to your website or blog. Creating a successful backlinking campaign requires time and efforts. Focus on building organic backlinks.

Submit your content Every Day to 25 social bookmarking sites, all on unique C class IPs... FREE.

SEO Or PPC Which One Is Right For You?

The Panel on Search Engine Marketing during Q&A

The Panel on Search Engine Marketing during Q&A (Photo credit: MikeSchinkel)

There are two major search engine marketing strategies in use today: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click). Both strategies are entirely different and it is tough to decide which one or which combination is right for you.

To decide which strategy is best for you, consider the basics. It is easier to judge the pros and cons when taking the big picture into account. People will continue to battle for the top search engine positions. Search engine marketing is undoubtedly one of the best sources of targeted traffic.

As people continuously try to find new and unique ways to get additional traffic to their web sites, the SEO industry continues to grow. PPC refers to advertising on a search engine that charges on a per click basis whenever a visitor clicks on one of your ads. The order of ads is usually based on bidding prices, meaning that the advertiser who bids the highest price per click will be listed first. These sponsored listings are known as PPC listings.

SEO tries to change your search engine ranking by looking at a number of factors including link popularity, Page Rank and so on. If your web site is search engine optimized then obviously you are more likely to have a good ranking in the search engines. A well-optimized and marketed site will be listed in the top results whenever a person searches for related keywords. One of the best benefits of SEO marketing is you don’t have to pay for any clicks! So, how can we decide which method is better? Both methods actually serve different purposes. However, one is likely to be a better fit for your business than the other one.


PPC traffic, rankings and results tend to be more stable and predictable than SEO, and, combined with its low cost, this makes PPC one of the more popular ways of advertising. Most companies try PPC before they try SEO, because it’s seen as more stable. In many cases PPC lets you rank well on the search engines, without having to do the tedious work involved in SEO – no finding link partners, posting links, creating content and so on. As long as you have the budget for it, the ranking is yours. Another advantage is that the listing will get posted when you want it and not when the search engine gets around to it. With PPC’s popularity growing day by day, the market is also getting competitive. You will find that CPC’s (costs per clicks) are steadily rising, and for a common man it is getting tough to invest much. As with most auctions, the more people bidding on PPC, the higher the prices get.


The main benefit of SEO is that it does not cost per click. The disadvantages are that the traffic to your website is more unpredictable and requires a lot of work. With SEO, you have to adapt and constantly change strategies as search engines change their algorithms. SEO is also slower than PPC, as many search engines don’t list new sites.

So what should you choose? Well, it depends on how much money you are willing to spend, what your time line is, and what your return on investment is. If you have cash then PPC should be your first choice, as it produces fast results. PPC can also be used for testing the effectiveness of web sites. If you have time and money to invest in long-term results, SEO is an excellent option as well.

All and all, the best marketing strategy is typically to go with PPC in the short term to get immediate traffic and analyze conversions. SEO should then be taken with a long term view in mind, so you can reap the benefits of free traffic later on.

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